Project related tasks (eg. new product introduction, business increase), transfer projects (eg. supply chain localisation, production transition), tendering (eg. service, logistics, indirect areas).


Internal logistics process development (eg. LEAN based logistics process development ), outsourcing, insourcing.

Production planning and management

Comprehensive production affected management from planning, production development, finished goods packaging.

When do we work with interim managers?


To fulfill a project we have no internal capacity or experience. To manage this situation we are not going to hire new colleague because of temporary need. Interim manager steps in immediately and completes the gap using her/his experience without training.


We support you if:

- your key people leave the company and have no rapid replacement
- you have a production transition but cannot be done with the existing staff
- you have profile change but the knowledge is not yet available

Organisation re-structure

In case of speed grow the existing capacity is always underestimated. We jump in to make the work instead of you and even train the colleagues to be adapted to the new structure.

Interim managereink


Beszerzési és logisztikai területen dolgozom. Megbízásaim többségében autóipari közép-és nagyvállalatok.

Szekér Artúr

Termelési, termelési logisztika, valamint projektvezetéssel kapcsolatos feladatokat látok el.